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Ishwori Prasad AryalMr. Ishwori Prasad Aryal

Mr. Aryal has been contributing in Tourism Industry in Nepal since 1990. He has been involving and participating in community based business since 2003. He has been working in the field of Sustainable, Natural and Organic agriculture in Nepal. He has acquired considerable management experience in a number of positions including one of the Founder members of Discover Nepal Exports (P). Ltd, the Chairperson of Discover Nepal Adventure Pvt. Ltd, and the Managing Director of Global Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. Guiding to his prime interest in community based business specially in Sustainable, Natural and Organic agricultural product; he, with his co-members established Grow Nepal completely non-profit organization but aiming to motivate community for Organic farming and NTFp (non-timber forest product ) to make his social dream true. He is the Chairperson and a Founder member of Grow Nepal.
Mr. Aryal has advanced broader interest in integrating social, technical and environmental approaches of Organic Agriculture. He has been investing his energy, mind or achieved experiences and time for planning, coordinating , assisting and monitoring in community focused business and social activities to enrich Organic culture.


Mr. Sushil MainaliMr. Sushil Mainali

Mr. Mainali has been working in the field of community empowerment, environmental protection and sustainable development in Nepal. He is strongly dedicated to the community empowerment, environment protection and sustainable development through providing, organizing, arranging and assisting in public awareness programmes, projects, planning, training and so on.
Mr. Mainali is multi-talented and multi-dimensional person who has various experiences in different fields. Initially he is from journalism but now he is doing more than it; he is working in the social change, sustainable development and environmental protection investing all his knowledge, experiences, skills, capacity and diplomacy.
Mr. Mainali has completed Master of Arts in Sociology from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has got man trainings in journalism, communicating Environment & Sustainable Development, Educational Television Program Production Training and so on. He has gained various experiences in deferent fields.  He worked as a report on YA TV (Aired by Young Asia Television and Retransmitted from Nepal Television), Reporter at Aankhijhyal Video Magazine (November, 1996 – Oct. 2000, Producer of Haka Haki Radio Magazine (July, 1999 to January, 2000), Senior Reporter/Producer at Audio Visual Department (November, 2000 – 2009), Fredskorpset(Peace) Volunteer (November 2007 to November 2008) worked for Future In Our Hands, FIVH, Oslo . The leading Environment NGO of Norway. He has been working as the Director at Audio Visual Department Nepal, Forum of Environmental Journalists since May 15, 2010 to date. He, as a well known trainer, has been providing various training in his concerned sectors. He is also affiliated as Member at Federation of Nepali Journalists, FNJ, Executive Committee member at Martin Chautari, Vice-chairperson at READ Information and Resource Center, RIRC and a Member at Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists, NEFEJ.
GROW NEPAL is glad to have such a multi talented, dimensional, dynamic, energetic and highly recognized character as a Member in our Board of Directors.